private yoga sessions


60- and 75-minute private or small group yoga practice sessions.

hosted in the comfort of your home. 

You and I collaborate on the unique blend of movement, meditation and breathing exercises that will work best for your goals and form a sustainable practice.


The initial collaboration may look something like this:

First, with compassion, I listen. You have space to confidentially: share your goals, ask questions, address physical injuries, inform about conditions or traumas experienced.
We can then engage in an exploratory conversation about which movement style(s), breathing exercises and/or meditations might work best to form your yoga practice sessions.
From there, we discuss the "container" for your practice; availability, budget, location, all the details. This might be a follow-up call or email. Finally, I provide a clear scope of services agreement for us both to agree and commit to. 


Then the practice begins.  





I can provide a yoga mat and props to support your practice, such as blocks, a bolster, and blankets.


Optional elements for your session:

  • music

  • free weights for added strength-conditioning

  • self-massage balls to help release tension

  • anything else you may want to include