jennifer bell
jennifer bell
Empowering your path of healing and recovery through the practice of yoga.





The practices of yoga, breathwork, and meditation can be your vehicles to living an empowered life. 

They have been for me. Yoga has become a powerful toolkit for me to transform my own life. What can an empowered life look like?

When you pause before you react. And react with compassion instead of blame, or honesty instead of appeasing.

When you move your body, whether it feels good or uncomfortable, you witness those sensations with equanimity. You experience feeling at-home in your body (even if it's momentarily).

When you can say "no, thank you" and not feel guilty. 

Hi and welcome! I'm Jennifer.

With a focus on Vinyasa yoga, I teach in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve received multiple trainings in trauma-sensitive approaches to yoga to support empowerment and healing, with a focus on post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and sustainable addiction recovery as a Yoga + 12 Step Recovery leader.

Here you’ll find tips, tools, and how-to videos in my journal (blog), and you can learn about private sessions, or find out where I'm teaching group classes.

Make yourself comfortable and have a look around. I'm grateful our paths have crossed.